CTB Industrial - Custom Transportable Buildings

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CTB Industrial

While we think big (like multi-storey structures), we also think small and take care of all the little details that add up to outstanding quality.  Details such as indoor manufacturing processes; pre-testing of all building inclusions (such as customised air-conditioning, static air-flow ventilation etc) and durable designs that promise low ongoing building maintenance. Our design services include structural design from preliminary to final stages with third party certification.

We also offer soil testing, site clearing, compacting and preparation, then once foundations are ready, the CTB is installed and on-site services commissioned.

We’ve established strategic alliances with engineering, logistic, transport and other sub-contractors to promise uncompromised quality control for every project. Our people boast excellent qualifications, and a proven track record of results across a diversity of industrial structures – which probably accounts for the high incidence of repeat custom from major clients!

•           Rigid Quality Control at every stage
•           Compliance with relevant local building codes and standards
•           Unique Transportation Solutions to urban and remote sites (barge, ship, trucks)
•           Quality services within tight budgetary controls & delivery schedules