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Liquid Resistor Starter Huts

Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) has commissioned Custom Transportable Buildings (CTB) to manufacture two Type 1 Liquid Resister (LR) Huts, one Type 3 LR Hut, one Inbound Sampling Station and a new electrical substation for the Stage 1 Kooragang Expansion Program.

The LR Huts are to be used for the Inbound Stacking Stream Conveyor Belts which will increase the stacking rate from 6600 tonnes per hour to 8500 tonnes per hour.

As part of the Master Plan Completion project, three yard conveyors and two stockpile berms will be extended to the full length of the yard. In order to do this substation A which powers the dump station.

Electrical equipment rooms EER10, EER1, EER2, EER21, EER22 and some of the stackers and reclaimers will be demolished. Substation D3 will be commissioned to power this equipment from the eastern end of the plant.

EER23 is a standalone extension to the existing EER23 electrical equipment room. This will be commissioned to provide extra power for new pump drives for the water management system due to the increase in length of the Berms for stockpiling the coal.

CTB constructed and assembled a new PWCS substation 24 metres X 11.5 metres, 140 tonnes to house the electrical equipment and built the support structures that are 4 metres off the ground.

The LR huts are manufactured, fully assembled, fitted out and installed by CTB that acted as a subcontractor to Bechtel, the manager of the Kooragang Expansion Program.These huts have a removable roof section for ease of replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment when needed.

These buildings were fitted out with fire management and HVAC systems. The Step Safe System was installed to comply with the stringent OHS regulations.

Since 2000, CTB has an ongoing track record of supplying buildings to PWCS. During the last decade it has gained a reputation for providing quality buildings that are delivered on time and to budget. It is world renowned for designing, manufacturing and installing transportable buildings that include administrative facilities, electrical switchrooms and control rooms. CTB has developed competitive advantages in quality assured manufacturing, dependable delivery schedules, budgetary controls and complete pre-delivery commissioning.